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Today is Wednesday the 17th of June. My wife, Dawn, and the twins Luca and Portia are on my mind. There is a pressing need to be with them. This Friday, we will be together, since I have been staying in Monterrey, Mexico. They have been enjoying the wonderful fresh air and beauty of Northern California.

The plan is to meet up for Luca’s clinic appointment this Friday at UC Davis Hospital. We will talk to the doctors about Lucas’s blood test results, reviewing to see if his numbers have improved or not.

Then the four of us go to Napa Valley to one of our favorite hotels. One of my favorite things about this hotel is its delicious breakfasts. We are food lovers, and there are good restaurants to pamper the palate. Yet it will be hard to feed Luca since he’s on a Renal diet, which excludes him from eating anything with sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. It’s a minimal diet as I was told since I don’t cook I have no idea.

The plan is to have a spectacular weekend. We will rest, laugh, and play in the pool together. Something we all long for, being together.

On Sunday night, I travel to Houston. I will talk to the doctors at Texas Children’s Houston Hospital. Trying to organize our next steps, how soon we need to relocate to the area to ensure his wellbeing and get him on the kidney transplant list in the Texas area. It will be a crucial visit. Since we don’t have insurance for his transplant, and we want the best for our Lucachon.

I leave you with a video of Luca from a couple of days ago.

Federico Bausone

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2 years ago

“I said ‘DART’ gun, not FART gun!”
Great video!

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