Martes Junio 23 Tue, Jun 23

El postre está más interesante/Desert is much more interesting. Muy queridos Dawn y Federico, Los queremos mucho más de lo que se imaginan y aunque no estemos físicamente cerca, tengan…
Federico Bausone
junio 23, 2020

june 18th

Yesterday was an acquisitive day in the garden: so many questions, so many satisfying answers from my Mom and myself. The kids love learning, listening, and exploring natural wonders. The…
Federico Bausone
junio 18, 2020

June 17th

Lucas favorite Today is Wednesday the 17th of June. My wife, Dawn, and the twins Luca and Portia are on my mind. There is a pressing need to be with…
Federico Bausone
junio 17, 2020

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